Bryden McGregor

Bryden graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne after completing a Bac.App.Sci (C. Med. Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy. He started with massage, and then sports training with athletic and sports teams, such as VFL team Coburg Tigers, among others. He has developed and utilises a range of techniques including manipulation, massage, dry needling and stretching, as well as patient education and exercise prescription. Through effective assessment, diagnosis and treatment, Bryden is able to guide an individual to a better understanding of their body while providing symptomatic relief. 

What he has loved most about Osteopathy is learning and connection, firstly with himself and then his patients. He is committed to his professional development and frequently takes part in postgraduate courses, locally and abroad. In particular, he has focused on Cranial and Biodynamic approaches, which although gentle can have a profound affect on stressed tissues and individuals. He loves treating a wide variety of conditions affecting the very young and the young at heart, with a special interest in Paediatric care. 

Bryden’s journey into Osteopathy and manual therapy started very young. He remembers giving out massages at his cousins wedding at the age of 7; something that may have seemed odd from an outsider’s perspective; but it indicated early on that Osteopathy runs in his blood. His Grandfather laid the roots and his cousins inspired him further to journey into the profession. 

Aside from the family ties, there were other factors that led Bryden to Osteopathy. A full circle was completed when he worked with a renowned paediatric Osteopath, Maxwell Fraval for 5 years in Canberra. Maxwell had treated Bryden’s mother while she was pregnant with him, then treated Bryden as an infant. Maxwell also significantly helped his father following a fractured skull. It was stories like these that laid the foundation for Bryden’s magnetism to Osteopathy. 

He is an avid traveller and enjoys learning about other cultures and their culinary delights, and practising speaking Spanish. He loves connecting with nature and frequently takes part in camping and fishing trips, enjoying the simple beauty of the environment and the feel of the earth between his toes.


Bryden is at the Fitzroy Clinic:

  • Monday  - 2.30pm -7.00pm
  • Thursday - 9.00am - 6.30pm

Bryden McGregor


  • Osteopathy


  • BSc (Clin.Sc) MHSc (Osteo), M.A.O.A. Registered Osteopath


  • Fitzroy