Seth Consedine

My Journey – Osteopathy

Seth's journey toward osteopathy began following treatment for a back injury. What struck him was that osteopaths focus on the body as a whole rather than a series of disconnected parts. Aside from being an incredibly effective treatment approach, what appealed to Seth about this idea was that it was not rocket science, of which he had no knowledge, but purely common sense. Thus the seed was planted to begin his osteopathic training.

As a practitioner Seth believes that osteopathic treatment is essentially about working with people and their bodies. For him this is a dual process which involves both physical therapy as well as exploring with the individual other barriers which may be slowing recovery or in some other way inhibiting a return to optimal health. In a nutshell, he believes an osteopath's role is to join forces with a patient and assist them on their journey toward better health and function.

Needless to say, Seth firmly believes in the osteopathic approach to healthcare and enjoys treating a wide variety of ages (from new born to the elderly), injuries and conditions. He utilises a wide range of techniques, ranging from direct manipulative techniques to more subtle indirect techniques, such as cranial. Seth was born and raised in NZ and now lives in Coburg with his partner and two young children.


Seth is at the Fitzroy clinic:

  • Monday - 9am-1:30pm
  • Tuesday - 11am - 7.30pm
  • Thursday - 9:30am -2pm
  • Saturday - 8am - 12.30pm (first Saturday of the month)
Seth Consedine


  • Osteopathy


  • BAppSci(Human Biology), M (Osteo), M.A.O.A. Registered Osteopath
  • Practitioner of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (SCTF of ANZ)
  • Member of the Australian Osteopathic Association


  • Fitzroy